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Red Skelton's characters were building the morale for the homefront. Warner Brother release a cartoon with the character Yosemite Sam. It is clear that he was inspired by Red's Deadeye character. Also some cartoons used catch phrases from Clem and Junior.
1944MONKEYBAR.JPG 100*150 1944Army.JPG 512*426
Pvt. Skelton skills were not suited for combat. He was sent to Virginia to become an entertainment specialist. After this training he was sent overseas. 1944GEORGIA.JPG 150*150Just before he left, Red married Georgia Davis. He met her before entering the army on the MGM lot. Pvt. Skelton traveled to Europe and worked on building the morale of soldiers in hospitals and entertaining officers. He was the clown all the time which might have cause him to have a breakdown. He was sent back to the states to recover in a Army hospital.
When he returned home he had to do some changed to his radio show. His original bandleader was Ozzie Nelson and Harriett Nelson played Clem's girl friend Daisy June and Junior's mother. While Red was in the army they started thier own radio show. Cast changed include David Forrester as the bandleader and Gee Gee McPerson as Daisy May. Daisy June got married while Clem was in the Army. Veron Felton became Junior's Grandma.
Red Skelton had a new cast and a new wife but Edna still was his business manager. Edna had a new husband. She married Frank Borzage, who directed Red in "Flight Command". There was a housing shortage after the war. The Skeltons and the Borzage ended up living in the same apartment complex. Edna was still able to handle his money.
  • ZIEGFELD FOLLIES limited release.
  • Private Lives of Movie Stars
  • "This is No Joke" a plain-spoken letter published in Classic Comics about fascism.
  • (March) Completes Army Special Service School, Lee University, Lexington, VA. "Entertainment Specialist".
  • (03/09) Weds Georgia Davis at the Beverly Vista Community Church. On leave from Camp Kellam, NJ.
  • (03/10) Tonsillectomy.
  • (03/17) Camp Kilmer, NJ
  • (03/28) Shipped to Naples on the USS General Altman. (OR)...
  • (04/04-12?) Travel to Naples, Italy on the USS West Point from Hampton Roads, VA. *
  • (04/12) [President Roosevelt dies.]
  • (April-Sept) Recovering from illness at US General Hospital, Camp Pickett, VA.
    Fort Pickett
    Interview with Leonard Ballard
    Visit to wounded veterans
    475th MPEG Co.
  • (05/05) [Warner Bros. Studio creates "Yosemite Sam" inspired by Red's 'Deadeye' character.]
  • (09/18) Discharge from the Army at Camp Pickett, VA.
  • (09/28) Returns to CA.
  • (11/30)(c) [Edna weds director Frank Borzage.]
  • (12/04/1945-5/20/1949 NBC) THE RED SKELTON SHOW
  • Home: Wilshire Palms.
  • [Cartoons - Ain't That Ducky (Jr.). Hare Trigger (Jr.). Hare Tonic (Jr.)]
  • 1946
    THE ZIEGFELD FOLLIES had a footage of Red that was shot before he went into the Army. The film was about Ziegfeld looking down from heaven as MGM stars try to recreate a Ziegfeld type show. Red performs performs his classic Guzzier's Gin.
    The Luckiest Guy in the World was one of a series of short films call "Crime Does Not Pay". I understand the Red voice was heard just on the radio.
  • (01/12) Home: 8152 Sunset Blvd.
  • (01/19) HOT FOOTLIGHTS (Columbia short)
  • (01/26) Annouced to play Alfred Lunt in THE GUARDSMAN
  • (June) Tour of the country in a trailer called "The Red Flash".
  • THE SHOW-OFF limited.
  • 1947
    THE SHOW-OFF was Red's first starring role in a motion picture after he got out of the Army. He played a loud-mouth bragger. Trying to impress people. For some reason Marilyn Maxwell fell in love with him against the wishes of her mother Marjorie Main and rival suiter Leon Ames. His tall tales get him in money troubles but true love and being yourself keeps the family together.
    The Skelton home family grew this year. Daughter Valentina Marie was born in May. She was born with red hair and freckles. Red called her Little Red and her mother Big Red.
    MERTON OF THE MOVIES had Skelton reunited with Viginia O'Brien. He played a klutsy movie usher that dreams for being a big silent movie star. He gets a chance to go to Hollywood after stopping a crime using a trick from his favorite screen idol played by Leon Ames. He trys to make it but ends up messing up every chance he gets due to his over acting. O'Brien encourages him to keep on trying. Ames character goes on a drinking benge and can't do his next film. Red takes his place. Red's over acting is so funny the movie is made into a comedy but he is not told. He find out that his true calling is to be a comic.
    1947MertonStage.JPG 150*200 1947MERTON1.JPG 200*150
    This is a bit of a mirror of Red true life and future career. He does ok in the role. This begins the type of character MGM will put Red in future films. He plays the timid good guy loser role in many more films. This is hard character to write for. Sometimes it works with the right script. Later on the scripts were not the good. This character also limited his comic skills. It was rare that the movie audience saw the comic style that they knew for radio and TV.
  • (Feb) MERTON OF THE MOVIES shelved.
  • (March) THE SHOW-OFF general release.
  • (03/27) MELODY ROUNDUP 'Guest'.
  • (April) Radio Mirror "The Skelton Scrapbook".
  • (05/05) Born daughter, Valentina Marie.
  • (09/02) Working on independent 16mm film THE GREAT WILBUR SPOON
  • (09/09) THE RED SKELTON SHOW season begins.
  • (10/10) This Week in Los Angeles NEWS.GIF 100*150
  • (10/15) Production began for THE FULLER BRUSH MAN.
  • (11/17) Saved NBC page Louis Willeford from a fire in Studio B
  • (11/29) Production ends for THE FULLER BRUSH MAN.
  • (12/22) Annouced to star in THE JINX with George Haight
  • (Dec) Patches
  • Current Biography.
  • (12/31) THE JIMMY DURANTE SHOW Guest Host.
  • STARRY.GIF 20*20 Hollywood Hall of Fame.
  • 1948
    THE FULLER BRUSH MAN was a major movie for Red. MGM was having much luck with is last couple of films. They loaned Red out to Columbia pictures. This reunited him with his director from the Whislter films. S. Sylvan Simon was able to bring out Red's comic talent. Also Columbia had a reputation for comedy with the Three Stooges shorts. This film was supported by the Fuller Brush Company. Promotional items were givin out and they worked with Red's radio sponsor.

    1948Matchbook.JPG 150*150 1948BrushMatchbook.JPG 100*150 1948RaleighMatchbook.JPG 150*150 1948-901.JPG 150*300 1948-902.JPG 100*150
    Red played a timid good guy loser again. This time he a was a fellow that could not keep a job. He has a girlfriend that believes in him and she gets him a job as a Fuller Brush Man. There are bits when a rival send him to the worst houses on the block. At one house he meets his radio co-star Vernon Felton. She plays her radio role as Grandma to Junior. Red ends up at house of former boss that fired him. The boss is murdered and Red is a suspect. Red finds out the one of his brushes was used as the murder weapon. He ends up in a war surplus warehouse and is being chased by the bad guys. Unique physical comedy happens.
    A SOUTHERN YANKEE was a hit for MGM. Red played a Northern bellhop that wants to be a spy. He manages to find a real spy and is forced to take his place. He is sent to the South to get secret plans for the North. Red has instruction to a Northern agent. He also has fake instruction incase he is captured. This bit of comedy bring out the classic tongue-twister "The paper's in the pocket of the boot with the buckle. And the map is in the packet in the pocket of the jacket". Other comedy gags were inspired again by films of Buster Keaton.
    This was a big year in Red personal and radio life. June 14th, Richard Freeman Skelton was born. The 1948-49 season had The Red Skelton Show sponsored by Proctor and Gamble (T-I-D-E Tide) and a new cast. Lurene Tuttle came on as Junior's mother and Clem's girlfriend. The next year had other changes to his radio life.
  • (01/22) Park Lodge Home for Boys
  • (02/16) Basketball benfit game for the Pacific Lodge Boys' Home against Ronald Reagan's team
  • (04/04) (NBC) TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT 'Guest'.
  • (05/27) NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER shelved due to illness
  • (06/14) Born son, Richard Freeman.
  • (07/10) Shell Shocked Egg [A turtle named Clem is walking around still in his shell.]
  • (07/18) Treasury Dept. U.S. Savings Bonds Division Radio-Recording "A Boy and His Dog".
  • (08/05) A SOUTHERN YANKEE.
  • (09/03) THE RED SKELTON SHOW season begins with new cast.
  • (09/03) RED FEATHER ROUNDUP. (CBS special. All Star Community Chest Spectacular 'Guest' with President Harry Truman.)
  • (09/25) Variety Club honoring Secretary of State George Marshall
  • (10/15) NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER back in production
  • Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey
    1948RinglingBros.jpg 100*150
    Ringling Bros
  • 1949
    NEPTUNES' DAUGHTER Had Red as the role of a famous polo player to impress a Betty Garrett. The real polo player falls for Betty's sister, Esther Williams. Mistaken identity causes Red to get kidnapped so that gamblers can bet on a polo game. This is a mostly a film for South American relations. There are musical numbers with Xavier Cugat plus the song "Baby, It's Cold Outside" that won an Oscar. Red has little to do. Esther does not swim much.
    1949NepDaughterVHS.jpg *
  • (01/20) CARMEL SCREEN GUILD PLAYERS "The Fuller Brush Man".
  • (02/08) Independent production planned with Edna Borzage on Red's life called COME UP SMILING
  • (Spring late) NEPTUNE'S DAUGHTER.
  • (April) Radio Mirror Radio Mirror award for Comedy Program.
    1949-04RM.jpg 100*150
    (April 1949) Radio Mirror
  • (09/07) Guest of Queen-mother of Egypt, Nazli, mother of King Farouk on her visit to San Francisco
  • (09/17) Invested in a show "Hollywood a la Carte" with John Wayne
  • (09/25) THE JACK BENNY PROGRAM 'Guest'.
  • (10/02/1949-1951 CBS) THE RED SKELTON SHOW.
  • Nov Radio Mirror "My Husband Red Skelton".
    1949-11RMarticle.jpg 100*150
    (Nov 1949) Radio Mirror
  • (11/03) SUSPENSE "Search for Isabel".
  • (11/08) Annouced to drive a Yellow Cab to Chicago for the premiere of the YELLOW CAB MAN
  • [Edna divorced Frank Borzage.]
  • MILTON BERLE SHOW 'guest'. 1st TV appearance.
  • 1950
    YELLOW CAB MAN Red is an walking accident. After being hit by a cab, he avoids a law suit and gets a job as a cab driver. He invents a glass that won't break. He is ask to demostrate his glass but it replaced by real glass. Red is hypnotize to tell his formula to spies. In a dream segment you see a shot of Junior. Red escapes the spies and chased through a house of tomorrow exhibit.
    THREE LITTLE WORDS Red plays songwriter Harry Ruby who teams ups with Kalmer played by Fred Astair. Red trys to play a serious part but ends up being the comic relief with bits of drama. Ruby was a baseball fan and Red does bits at a baseball camp. More attention is to Fred and his dancing.
    FULLER BRUSH GIRL Red cameos as himself when Lucy goes door to door. Lucy tries to sells him Fuller Brush cosmetics but he ends up seller her brushes.
    WATCH THE BIRDIE Red a photo shop salemans that gets hired to film a construction job but accidentally films a plan to ruin the construction so that a rival company can get the job. Red teams up the lovely boss and get the bad guys. Inspired by Buster Keaton's "The Cameraman".
  • Shrine's Imperial Council Session.
  • (04/15) Collier's "Is He a Big Laugh!"
  • (07/14) DUCHESS OF IDAHO.
  • (09/03) (CBS) THE DAVID ROSE SHOW 'Guest'.
  • (12/26) Telegram Clarence Stout Papers
  • (12/28) Loew State, St. Louis.
  • Home: Bel Air.
  • 1951
    1951MyDust.jpg 150*100
    TEXAS CARNIVAL has Red pretending to be a tycoon in a Texas hotel with his sister (Esther Williams). He ends up losing money in a poker game and trys to win it back in a chuckwagon race. Red has a bit when he is drunk and you see a bit of Willie Lump-Lump but not much of Red's talents are seen. This is an Williams film. She falls in love with the real tycoon's foreman and does a dream water ballet in a hotel room.
    1951TEXAS.JPG 100*150
    Red almost did not make it to TV. Before his season started he went to England to perform at the London Palladium. During this time he took a trip visit the Pope and then to Paris. On the plane trip over the Alps a motor went dead. There was a danger of panic. Red teamed up with his friend Father Edward J. Carney to calm down the people. Father Carney used faith, Red used laughter. Most of the passangers did not know English but Red used his talent of mime to communicate. The pilot was able to control the plane and made a saft landing.
    The Red Skelton Show went on the air Sunday, September 30th on NBC. It was a Russel M. Seeds Company production, President Freeman Keyes. The sponsor was Procter & Gamble. Red was managed by the Beverly Management Corporation with Bo Roos as president. John Gaunt was the director and his writers were John Fenton Murray, Ben Freedman, Jack Douglas and Red Skelton. Edna was not included as a TV writer but she still was involved with the radio show. The public got to see "San Fernando Red", "Dead Eye", "Cauliflower McPugg" and "Clem Kadiddlehopper" every week.
  • (06/22) 6 week trip to England, France and Italy.
  • (06/27) Visit to Pope Pius XII.
  • Near plane crash from Rome to London. Bought 4 English cars (Jowett Jupiter).
  • (July) London Palladium.
  • (Summer) EXCUSE MY DUST.
  • (09/23) Parade Mag.
  • (09/28) Hollywood Reporter.
  • (09/28) TV Guide
  • (09/30) NY Morning Telegraph "TV Debut Has Him Jittery".
  • (9/30/1951-06/1952 Sunday 10:00 NBC-TV) THE RED SKELTON SHOW.
  • (10/22) Life "Rubber Face on TV".
  • (Oct) Look.
  • (12/19) "The Christmas Tree".
  • [Cartoons
    Ballot Box Bunny (Jr.)]
  • 1952
    LOVELY TO LOOK AT Remake of ROBERTA about a dress salon that is under hard times. Red plays part of a Broadway production team that is trying to finance a show. Red inherits part of a dress salon after his aunt Roberta dies. They put on a show to save shop. Alot of song and dance without Red. Red is featured as a Clem type singing "Go Tell Aunt Roadie".
  • (01/06) NY Herald Tri.
  • (01/11) TV Guide
  • (02/02) Emmys Awards. STARRY.GIF 100*150 Emmy Best Comedian. Tried to give his Emmy to Lucille Ball.
  • STARRY.GIF 100*150 Emmy Best Comedy Show.
  • (03/22) TV Digest (PA)
  • (03/29) Collier's
  • (May) New Liberty
  • (06/10) Doctor orders to take a rest.
  • (July) Movie Fan Mag .
  • (07/02) People Today .
  • (10/01) Sun-Comm "Red Skelton Member of First School Patrol".
  • (10/08) NY Herald Tri.
  • (11) Esquire NEWS.GIF *
  • (12/04) Brief separation from Georgia.
  • (12/05) TV Guide NEWS.GIF *
  • (12/12) Major hernia operation.
  • (9/16/1952-5/26/1953) THE RED SKELTON SHOW [radio].
  • (Sept) (09/1952-06/53 Sunday 7:00) THE RED SKELTON SHOW [tv].
  • (10/04) (NBC) ALL STAR REVUE 'Guest'. Opening of the Burbank TV Studio.
  • THE CLOWN limited.
  • U.S. Camera NEWS.GIF *